Alka Dolly Diaries

Alka Dolly Diaries

Alden’s uses a strong tagline – Only Real Sh*t, to describe what his blog is about. The main motive of this blog is to help people help themselves.

Alden Tan is a young blogger from Singapore whose father died of the rare ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) disease when he was still a kid. It’s the same disease that killed Stephen Hawkings.

According to him, he has learned many life lessons since then. So he started this blog to help people like him, to master different skills to make their social and personal lives successful.

The best thing about this blog is the interactive and engaging way in which he writes each of his posts. This blog truly has the power to make you feel different about yourself on a personal and a social level.

It also offers you a course on how to gain happiness in just 100 days and a free guide on things that shouldn’t bother happy people.

Not every day is a happy and inspiring day. But even the worst of days can feel meaningful if you have a purpose in life that inspires you to keep going. The blogs mentioned above can help you know what you want and teach you how to achieve them.

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