Alka Dolly Diaries

Alka Dolly Diaries


Why I want to become a Blogger ?

I think it is never too late to do anything and to learn anything. Because the road towards learning  and improving should be always under construction .As a student I had been very active in Debates, Declamations, Poetical recitation and was the editor of my college magazine.  31 years  of working I don’t know how they passed in my busy schedule .

Now I want to become a Blogger to make my life more interesting to become a better communicator to get a better platform for my voice to be heard and to interact with readers who can enrich my life. Positivity is in my veins ever since my childhood Through my Blog I want to led an upward spread of  Positivity in other people and pick the negative ones out of their slumps .

Living in favourable and unfavourablecircumstances is a part of life but being positive and smiling in adverse situations is an Art of Life .  May God Bless us all with this beautiful ART!

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