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Alka Dolly Diaries

Before I deal with the art of appreciation, I would like to narrate an anecdote from Sanskrit literature. As a craftsman sets jewels in a crown carefully, similarly some people use their words aptly. Such people are the ultimate winners. So to begin with the story, it so happened that an astrologer saw the lines of fortune in the palm of King Bhoj. He told the king that he was the most unfortunate person because his son, his wife & his dear daughter will die in a short span. The King was furious & the astrologer was sent behind the bars. After a few years, another astrologer visited & looking at King’s hands he said, “ You have a long life before you, you will outlive your son, your wife & other family members”. The King was pleased and the astrologer reaped a big reward. The facts were the same but the art of putting the ideas into words made all the difference. The narration proves that surge of appreciation blossoms into blessedness.

Water does not boil as soon as you keep the vessel on the oven. You have to go on heating it. When the temperature rises to 100 degree, it begins to boil without fail. Thus, it is a slow yet sure process. Like wise, God as well as human beings is bound to grant their favour to you as soon as your genuine appreciation ripens.

There are certain persons who use words like colors in the abstract painting of Picasso and to converse with such people becomes a joy and a memorable event. Appreciation requires connotive words. Those who follow the ideal of sweet speech are the darlings of any society. They are respected and appreciated everywhere. On the other hands, we know that the wounds inflicted by a tongue are more deadly than those of a sword. Speech is really the index of your mind. People with a sweet tongue and tender heart win their daily battles comfortably and easily just by their method of speech. Being considerate towards others is an effective balm against frayed temperament. Every man is a volume if you know how to read him. At the bottom-line, words have a great power and forceful impact.

Let’s try to make the world a better place to live and all the accessories or weapons you need are ready at hand. You just have to change your attitude. It should be positive; not with regard to your own self but with regard to all those who fall under the ambit of your personal contact. Many a times, we have experienced that a small pat on the back of a harassed student or even on the back of a troubled animal changes the result dramatically.

Appreciate whenever, where you can, Hold yourself ready to be a man. Let never a day die in the waste, That you have not praised a single heart

Every one is fighting his own battle: be it a toddler or a young man or even an old person, everybody likes to be appreciated because it is a tonic for good health. Words of appreciation and encouragement calm down the suffrage of labour pains. Insistent nagging and scolding makes the child dull and indifferent to his progress. Contrary to this, enthusiastic and inspiring words can fill the hear with the fire of a new courage and confidence. Let’s resolve to look at the half tumbler full of water and not the empty side of it.

In a circle of friends and even in the society, where you have to interact with different type of people, the effect of such a positive attitude is seen in remarkable manner. Even the great scholars and political persons are mellowed by a few words of praise. Praise smoothens your life, lubricates the problems and inspires the do-nothings because praise is the best diet after all. But there’s one word of caution as there is a thin line between appreciation and flattery. This makes praise very remarkable art. You have to be measured in your tone and wordings. Yours honeyed words become trustworthy and acceptable. As false modesty departs from real modesty, so is flattery from appreciation. I am never able to forget my appreciation done by my old student’s mother who coincidently met me in a party and started appreciating me for my attainments and about my dedication to the field of education. It was ok but when she started flattering my handwriting, I felt shocked and embarrassed because I know what my handwriting is! But this is not appreciation and it is different from appreciation what I as the Principal of the renowned educational institution use to make for my assisting teachers and students with my inspiring comments and  appreciation of their work. It has miraculous and charismatic effects.

We can meet the miracle of appreciation because true appreciation is a great virtue essential to win over human-beings as well as God. This miracle can be justified through hymns, scriptures and prayers etc. True appreciation proves our guard provided it must be wrapped in honesty, faith and experience. The spirit of back-biting, criticizing and blaming increases our worries in life while appreciation gains confidence, happiness and inner peace. We can feel very comfortable and accommodating in our life. The same is confirmed by Dale Carnegie.

If appreciation is an art, the object of this art is to give life a beautiful shape. I often ask people around me not to discourage any one. One should look at the sunny side of things, always the brighter side of Moon. Be strong, talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet. Make your friends feel there is something in them. Appreciate your spouse, your children, your friend and elders. Think only the best, work only for the best and then except only the best.

Be too big for worry and too noble for anger.

Count your blessing, not the troubles, take time to smell roses because
Of all the arts in which wise excel,
Nature’s chief masterpiece is appreciating well

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