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Mother’s Love Has No Equal

We all love our brothers, sisters, parents, grand parents, uncles and aunts but of all these relationships mother’s love is at the top. Undoubtedly when a small child starts speaking the first word that comes on his lips is “MAA”. Every child learns his first lesson in the lap of his mother. “Home sweet home, ” is the desire of every heart. A home does not consist of a beautiful building. Nor does it only mean physical comforts. Rich, costly and tasty food has got nothing to do with it. Now the place of mother in making the atmosphere of a home attractive, is unique. Of all the members of the family a mother plays the most important role in making the home a paradise on earth.

A lady may become an IAS officer a doctor an engineer a teacher or a police officer but she is a mother first and then anything else. You may say it not in every case but exceptions are always there. I would like to quote beauty queen Miss Sushmita Sen. who loved to be a mother and adopted a baby girl. It’s proud to be a mother. Can we imagine this world without the existence of a female? No, never. Then why a particular day to celebrate international women’s day. I think all days are women’s days. It’s a wise saying “There is a woman behind every successful man”. I remember the Hindi song here “O Maa tu kitni acchi hai tu kitni bholi hai pyari pyari hai., yeh jug hai kanto ka tu phulwari hai O Maa”. A mother tries her level best to make the life of her child a bed of roses. Ofcourse The love of the mother is of the highest and the purest type. She loves all her sons and daughters alike. Even the most ugly of her children is lovely to her in the same way as the other children. The fountain of her heart always remains full of love for her children. Normally every body says. “My mother is the best cook on this earth”. How can I forget the Makkayai ke Roti and Sarson ka Saag cooked by my mother? My husband is always missing the delicious and lovely paranthas cooked by his mother. In the same way my son staying away from me misses the pulao cooked by me and 1 hope this chain will go on.


Rabindra Nath Tagore lost his mother at the age of four years but he has expressed faint recollections of her in his heart through his poem “/ Cannot Remember hly Mother”. Certainly the impressions that a child imbibes from his mother are so strong that a saying goes “What the mother sings to the cradle goes all the way to the coffin”. Mother is the embodiment of the noble virtues which have always been in high esteem in every society. What makes a mother working in the office and then cooking food for her children without any expectation of reward? It is because she is a mother and Mother’s love has no equal. Some people think that in western countries mothers don’t care for their children as Indian mothers do. But I remember my cousin who married to an American lady visited us last month with his two small children but I was astonished to see the love and the care my cousin’s wife bestowed upon her children. No one can surpass a mother in making sacrifices. Let’s all pledge today on this International Women’s Day to strive our best to educate every girl child necessarily that the world becomes a beautiful place to live in. Educated women would be much better mothers. It is true that “East or West Home is the best”. But it can not be the best, unless there is a mother in it. I want to say “East or West Mother is the best” because her sacrifice patience and her love has no equal.

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